White Cypress Wood Essential Oil 25ml


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White Cypress Wood


White Cypress essential oil is a new player in the Australian native arena. There are approximately 16 species of Cypress Pines in Australia, 14 of which are native. The White Cypress pine has a strong place in Aboriginal culture (oars, resin and medicine) and now essential oil production.


White Cypress Wood Aroma

The oil, distilled from the wood not the leaf, Callitris glaucophylla has a mild yellow colour with a woody, forest like grounding aroma.


White Cypress Wood Benefits

The oil has an incredible soothing and grounding property and is used commonly as a fixative in perfumery as well as in anti-anxiety aromatic medicine.


White Cypress Wood Uses

It can be used in most of the traditional essential oil methods, for example being used in an oil burner/vaporizer.


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