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Our Story

Inspired by one of the oldest cultures in the world, Native Secrets brings traditional medicinal practices to your everyday products.

We extract essential oils from wild-harvested Australian natives and transform them into the highest quality natural skincare products.

Native Secrets allows us to reignite old conversations and preserve generational knowledge passed down from one generation to another.

Cherie & Phil

Our ingredients

White Cypress leaf essential oil

Traditionally heated over a fire to release the oil then rubbed onto the skin to assist with skin ailments. White Cypress has a strong, fresh, lemony pine aroma. It is uplifting, refreshing, energising.

Buddha Wood essential oil

Used during smoking ceremonies to cleanse the body and welcome good spirits. Buddha Wood has an unusual woody aroma, with a whiskey like scent. It is very calming.

Kakadu Plum

Used in traditional medicine, Kakadu Plum is a powerful antioxidant. It can be used to treat ailments and is great for improving cognition. The perfect combination of sweet, citrus and floral aromas. Great to balance and restore.

Davidson Plum

Renown for promoting and retaining youthful looking skin. Davidson Plum has a deep earthy aroma, balanced with subtle sweet musk tones.

Finger Lime

Great for a healthy mind and body, and traditionally used as an antiseptic. With citrus and cooked apple notes, the Finger Lime has a refreshing aroma.

Lemon Myrtle

In ancient times Lemon myrtle was traditionally used as a medicinal herb for treating headaches and promoting eye health. Lemon Myrtle has a strong citrus botanical and delicate menthol aroma.

Brand partners /clients

Our yarning network

Peter Peckham

Senior Wiradjuri Elder, Knowledge holder, storyteller and world traveller.

Tim Kenward

A visionary senior marketing leader with experience across all facets of marketing, including people leadership, strategy, innovation, media, digital, product and campaign development.

Allister Hamilton

A digitally savvy, customer centric brand, product and lifecycle marketer, with a proven track record of getting results in Australia and internationally.

Kristal Kinsella

A published author, trusted advisor to leading global organisations and descendant of both the Jawoyn and Wiradjuri nations, Kristal brings lived experience and over 16 years of business expertise to every partnership.

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By managing overgrown populations of invasive White Cypress, we are restoring biodiversity.


Increased biodiversity helps reinvigorate and recreate ecosystems for the rare Pink-tailed worm lizard.

Land management

Careful land management encourages native plants - particularly wattle and eucalyptus – to regrow and animals to return.

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