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Let us share our ancestors’ secrets with you

Sharing untold stories from Aboriginal culture to invigorate the body and restore its natural balance with mother earth.

Native Secrets skincare product bottles

Native extracts

Wild-harvested raw ingredients creating a unique and refreshing mix of Australian natives.

White Cypress leaf essential oil

Davidson Plum

Kakadu Plum

Buddha Wood essential oil

Finger Lime

Lemon Myrtle

60,000 years of experience

Australia has a treasure trove of native plants that contain bioactive compounds, and our people have been using them for tens of thousands of years.

Aboriginal managed

You can take comfort knowing we are 100% Australian, and Aboriginal owned and operated. We embody a strong ethical stance when it comes to people, community, and the planet.

Cultural and environmental impact

Native Secrets was created to reignite old conversations and preserve generational knowledge passed down from one generation to another for centuries.

Along the way, we discovered a way to restore biodiversity and recreate ecosystems for the rare Pink-tailed worm lizard.

The Native Secrets team were very excited to be featured on Movin To The Country

A new lifestyle series introducing inspiring people whove lived in regional Australia their whole lives to make a difference.

Wild Harvested Native Ingredients


Natural ingredients


Paraben & Sulphate free

Made in Australia

Contain Australian natives

Native Secrets helps manage biodiversity offsets for a local mining group.

White cypress trees are thinned, which allows the return of native grasses, beetles, bugs, and ants. We are recreating an ecosystem for a rare pink tailed worm lizard. The white cypress trees are separated and distilled into essential oils, which are in turn used in our natural skincare range.

Customers reviews

This is a gorgeous body wash with a beautiful natural smell. It smells so refreshing and relaxing ; like a walk through the bush! I use this with the body lotion, but I think the body wash alone would provide enough moisture to keep my skin feeling soft.
Kelly S.
I was given this as a moving gift and it is amazing! Such a great gift and is sitting proudly in my kitchen/family room.
Brad M.
I was gifted this body lotion from my husband and it is, without doubt, the best, most lux feeling body lotion I have ever used! The smell is light, fresh and natural and not over powering at all. Its not too thick or greasy, but is absorbed quickly and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft, and gives long lasting moisture. I’m in love with this lotion, and paired with the body wash, my skin feels and smells amazing!
Kelly S.

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