Wendy Scott

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Wendy Scott

I was born in Barcaldine; my family has resided in this small community for many years. It’s a place I call home.

I started painting in 2006. I began painting with acrylic through the local organisation, Central West Aboriginal Corporation that I am employed with. My acrylic artwork then began to grow; I now do ceramics as well. My subjects or ideas when painting are about the rainbow serpent, which is a snake. I use the snake as a representation of my mother’s story. She shared this story with me many years ago. Now this allows me to understand the connection to country. The connection between our ancestors and mother earth.

The rainbow serpent is a legendary dreamtime story that all aboriginal people know. The rainbow serpent made all the rivers providing all the pathways in life. Pathways connecting other tribes and trading lines. I also paint Emu’s as a symbol of my totem. A totem is given to us when we are born. Showing that we are a representative of a certain tribe. By having a totem we are preserving an animal from becoming extinct. Our language group is Bidjara, which is the area from which our family originated from. My language name given is NGAI YUNGAMULLI which means my mother’s spirit.

I like to paint as it takes me to a relaxing place, brings me to a place of belonging and a place where I can connect with the elders. Sharing their stories and their knowledge through my artwork.

Since 2006 I have entered in (3) three exhibitions. One in cairns and (2) two in Longreach at the Stockman’s Hall Of Fame. My artwork has inspired me to try other mediums. Therefore I have gained experience in screen painting, silk painting, sand painting and ceramics.

My ambition as an artist is to encourage other Aboriginal people to express themselves through art and to also do it for a form of relaxation. My inspiration to become an artist was from my family, my mother Margo, my sister Phyllis and cousin Janeece. So now I encourage others to do the same.