Phyllis Heumiller

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Phyllis Heumiller

I am a self-taught Bidjara/ Jagalingu, 60 something year old proud woman, who was born in Longreach and raised in Barcaldine where my family are from. My traditional name “Thoongayne”, meaning (shy one), was given to me by my Grandmother “Goordahl”, (meaning white owl), Annie Frazer.

My work is inspired by personal experiences and stories. A great way to express my innermost emotions and also the history of my people, culture, traditions, lore, spirituality and how I perceive all of those. My inspiration is my love of who I am, where I come from and what I and my family have achieved.

My work is a mixture of contemporary and traditional art and to me is very spiritual. My technique is similar to the art work found in this district and as far away as Carnarvon Gorge. Also I like to incorporate a bit of Australiana into my paintings as well because that’s who I am.