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Madonna Dwyer

My name is Madonna Dwyer (nee Thompson) I am from Barcaldine. My Dad is an Aborigine and My Mum is White Australian. I was born in 1970 at Barcaldine Hospital, Queensland then I went to Grade 12 at Barcaldine State School. I have come back home to Barcy after a marriage breakdown and living in the Northern Territory for 11 years.

I started painting in April 2012 when my cousin the Manager of the Central West Aboriginal Co asked me if I would like to work as a Support Artist, I said “I would love to but one problem I cannot draw a stick figure”, I have made a lot of progress since then. I have taught myself to paint but would love to learn techniques like mixing and blending of colours and how to draw. I have found YouTube very interesting for tips on how to do stuff.

I have had a few ceramic pieces and a Painting in our Pop-Up Shop in Cairns during the 2012 Indigenous Festival and as well in the Longreach Hall of Fame in early 2013 where I sold my first piece of ceramic, which was a fantastic feeling. All my Art work is at The Central West Aboriginal Co Pop-Up Shop Oak Street Barcaldine Queensland or at The Red Shed Boree Street Barcaldine Qld.

As an emerging artist, I find inspiration from my evolving work, and encourages me as my confidence grows with each brush stroke. Giving me the confidence to show my works in public. I am still experimenting with various techniques as I learn more about how to paint and sketch.