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Jamie Passmore

I was born in the mid 80’S, in Barcaldine, a small town in Central West Queensland. I am an 8th generation Bidjara woman residing here in Barcaldine and my mother Phyllis (thoongayne; shy one) is the elder for our family out here.

Growing up in the outback has its ups and down, more ups in my opinion; visually, emotionally and spiritually it’s the perfect atmosphere to be raised. The only downside is that there are fewer opportunities offered to rural people, especially being an artist, the avenues to perfect, learn or gain exposure for the craft are harder to access.

I do, however, feel that this is changing and more rural artists are being seen and heard and are able to follow their dreams. The ‘My Earth Calls’ exhibition in Longreach is a great stepping stone and will be my very first exhibition. I have shown and sold some of my art through other channels with working for the Central west Aboriginal Corporation, be it in our local shop front displaying all the local Indigenous talent or through Pop Up shops in various communities around the region or in Cairns.

Going to school I was always a very hands on student, and loved doing arts and crafts. My favourite High School subjects at Barcaldine State School were English and Art, because they provided me with the tools I needed to express my thoughts and emotions in a way that is both visually appealing and told a story the way I want.

The aspiration to pursue art never really left me after graduating School in 2003 but because of family responsibilities I chose a different path and art was just a hobby. Today, working for the Central West Aboriginal Corporation I am finally able to commit to doing my art more frequently and gain the experience I need to further myself in this area. Without their support I don’t think I would have the confidence to even paint and sell my work or try out other mediums.

During my artistic journey I have explored a range of different mediums, including ceramics, pencil portraits, lino printing, traditional aboriginal canvas painting, abstract canvas painting with acrylics, and acrylic realism painting to hone in on where my style lies, but I am not just one style, I like to mix it up depending on what I want to portray and express.

My current works are abstract/realism acrylic canvas paintings, pencil portraits, as well as lino printing and ceramic pieces, depicting my indigenous spirituality and the elders stories with which I grew up on.