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Darryl Frazer

My name is Darryl Frazer I’m 35 years of age, I was born and raised in Barcaldine, Central West Queensland. I am the son of Ronald Frazer and Lynnette Hite and I’m the youngest of four. My ancestors are the Bidjara people from around the Springsure area. My family was relocated to Barcaldine and has taken residence in this community for many years.

I have been doing art for half of my life and I like to represent my culture through my artwork. I like to paint traditional animals such as Kangaroos, emus, goannas, rainbow serpent and stars. I like to paint the rainbow serpent as it’s one of our most significant dreamtime legends. The rainbow serpent travelled this country making rivers, pathways, hills, mountains and so much more. This is where my love to paint landscape comes from, knowing my culture and country and the connection between the two.

I am currently working for the Central West Aboriginal Corporation and have been employed with this organisation as a part time artist for 6 years. Within this time I have gained experience in ceramics, woodwork, silk painting, lino printing, sand painting, screen printing, sculpturing and drawing. With this experience I want to inspire others to feel free to express themselves through their art work.

I was inspired to paint from my older brother Christopher Frazer.