Aaron Blades

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Aaron Blades

I am a 30 year old self taught artist, I have been painting for 15 years and continue to explore and fine tune my ability to produce high quality Artworks so that I may share my culture and stories with the world.

My style contains contemporary fusion art along with Traditional aspects with images that relate and connect me to my family and also to my spritual and cultural heritage.

I have been contracted to provide Art Works by corporate businesses, community organisations and individual collectors both overseas and in Australia.

Predominantly my artwork is completed on canvas, however I have engaged in mural presentations for Schools and other Community organisations as well as materials such as wood, furniture and governent corrospondence to translate my vision, life experiences and stories handed down my Elders.

My trademark signature of ‘spirits’ which can be found be found in most of my paintings represent who I am and my connection to family, anscestors and traditional lands of the Mandandanji people.